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What is a healthcare representative?

Learn more about a health representative, also known as a health proxy or a surrogate.
For-hire represntative

Very few states have Medical Aid in Dying laws, and even then, there are often legal barriers that restrict citizens' access to them. Many suffering individuals do not have the ability to obtain resources that would allow them to safely hasten their death. Furthermore, many individuals have personal beliefs that prohibit them from self-administering. One method of self-deliverance that is legally available to every competent adult in the US is Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking, or VSED. This is the only right-to-die option supported by and able to be carried out while in hospice. It is also considered socially and spiritually acceptable by many who may not feel comfortable exiting with a different strategy.


VSED is a daunting process and often takes around two weeks to complete, but with the support of family, doctors and, most importantly, a trained death doula, it can also be a very meaningful one. The doula's role is to create a sacred space for the individual, keep them on track with their decision, and provide support. With the help of a VSED-trained doula, an individual can move beyond their suffering to a peaceful end. 

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